29th April

Date: 29th Apr 2020 @ 3:23pm

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all staying safe (and dry!). Today we have had lots of learning in our key stage groups in school - doing some of the home learning tasks the teachers have been setting each week. Please do not feel that you have to complete all of the tasks at home - they are just suggested activities for you to do. I am very aware how difficult it must be to do your work at home with all the other distractions there,  but please don't get upset if you find it too hard: just stop and try something else and come back to it later. We would rather you were happy and well than getting annoyed about work! 

I've just escaped from a game of dodge-ball in the hall to come and write this - Mrs Bergh hiding in the tunnel was the moment I decided I should leave! She is currently outside the office trying to sneak back into the hall! 

I will let you know who the winner is tomorrow!

Stay safe and well everyone!

Miss Shaw

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