4th April 2020

Date: 24th Apr 2020 @ 2:50pm

The weather is absoloutely gorgeous today. We are about to sing happy birthday to Faye in Reception. We have managed to find some candles and we have put one in a cup cake. Her birthday was on Wednesday.

Today we have had quite a formal morning  doing work.We split the children into two groups of infants and juniors. Harry in year three has designed and painted a shield as part of his learning pack from Year four.

Jamie and Jordan, our fantastic sports coaches., have taken the children this afternoon for games outside. They have also mapped out a run for the children to do in the shape of a heart. This is to remind the children of what a fantastic job the NHS and Key Workers are doing.

Our second Lockdown Newsletter is about to come out. thanks to all of the parents who have contributed to it. there is a competiition on it to guess who the baby is. It's a bit obvious who I am beibg the only male!!

Have a good weekend everyone.

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