Reception - Horse Chestnut Class 2019 - 2020

Mrs Jones

Ms Milburn

Welcome to Reception Class. It's a lot of fun here!

We have a lovely outdoor area where we can learn as we  play. It's a great space to  ride bikes and scooters, play with sand and water, build and watch the wildlife. Inside you can read in the book den, use your imagination to role play and  be creative with paint and other art materials.

Flavour School happens in Reception too. Learn about healthy eating, try new foods and develop skills using small hand tools. We even grow our own vegetables.The chefs of the future start here!

Mrs Jones,  Ms. Milburn  and Miss Cowling are waiting to meet you.

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Reception - Horse Chestnut Class: News items

It's Chinese New Year!, by Mrs Jones

Epiphany, by Mrs Jones

Reception - Horse Chestnut Class: Gallery items

4 Cone Keepy Up Challenge, by Miss Gerrard

Freddy Fit, by Miss Gerrard

Messy Church art, by Mrs Jones

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