Memories of Horse Chestnut Class - please enjoy video below


Week Beginning 13th July


Twinkle, twinkle little star

Do you know how wonderful you are?

You've worked hard at home, it's true

and I have been so proud of you.

Our days in school were far to few

and there was still so much to do

but you are clever and you are kind

and I know your next teacher will soon find.................

that YOU are special through and through.

Dear Parents and children,

I can't believe we are coming to the end of, what has been, a very unusual school year.

Thank you for your messages of support, your photographs and the gentle guidance of your children through this difficult time.

The children in school have been so resilient and are a credit to you.

I'm sure those of you at home have noticed some big changes too.

I know about wobbly teeth, bike riding without stabilisers and I've noticed just how tall some of us are getting!

If you are looking at the memory activities the class web page will have past news items on it you could refer to.

Please have a lovely summer. Try and have some family fun.

I will be sure to come and see you all in September. I can't wait to catch up with all your news.

with our very best wishes

Mrs Jones and Ms Miburn xxx



Week Beginning 6th July

This week our theme is celebrations and our main story focus is The Scarecrow's Wedding. We will be attempting to make scarecrows and will also have a look at scarecrow festivals. (Youtube has some lovely videos)

The weather was pretty awful last week so we didn't spend as much time as we would have liked looking for insects. You might like to continue with that theme too.

I have been looking back over our time together in school and will upload some of these memories next week. Thank you for all the photographs, work and messages you have sent in to us. Some of these will feature too. I'm working on the technology!!


Week Beginning 29th June

The story of The Hungry Caterpillar is a Reception Class favourite .

As well as having a look at the food theme you might also like to explore the bugs in your garden this week and pursue an interest in God's tiny creatures..

If it has been raining you might find snails. Look out for their lovely silvery trails.

Try and find 'Come Outside' on youtube.Pippin and Auntie Mabel have shows about snails, butterflies and spiders.

Bugs are good for developing number too.You could count ladybird spots, practise making doubles and find different ways of making 8, perhaps drawing different arrandements of spider legs!

Let's put our wellies on and get outside and explore!


Week Beginning 22nd June

For the eagle eyed amongst you I have corrected my mistake. You should now be able to find the home learning project on transport. So sorry.

Thank you for the lovely messages and photographs I have received this week. It has been terrific  to hear from so many of you and Ms. Milburn sends her best wishes.

It has been another wet week but it didn't stop us having fun exploring space and speaking to aliens. I wonder if you made a space telephone? We made space telephones in school using lots of tin foil. We then went looking for aliens who were kind enough to provide their telephone numbers. We called them up and arranged parties and picnics. Ms. Cowling has been invited to a space disco!

This week we are thinking about transport. There are so many different ways to travel including travelling on land, in the air and on water. How many different ways can you think of?

You might even want to carry on thinking about space  and the different vehicles needed to travel into space and on the moon.

Week Beginning 15th June

Hi everyone,

Did the thuder and lightening keep you awake? My cat, Dudley, did not want to come in and I called and called for him. He eventually ran in soaking wet and looking very sorry for himself.

I wonder if you watched any dancing last week? We had great fun in school scoring some amazing dances. We thought Kevin and Stacey dancing as the Minions was our favourite.

This week is all about space. Have some fun blasting off and finding out about the planets in our solar system..

We will also be reading the stories Whatever Next, Roaring Rockets and Aliens Love Underpants. Which one will like best?



Week Beginning 8th June

This week is all about music and pattern. I have included some extra material for your reference: animal patterns,, conductor cards ( put on your favourite music and lead the band), a shape hunt for around the house or outside, a drum to make from two paper plates and a story you could make your own sound effects for.

We will be making score paddles in school (numbered 1 to 9) and watching some clips from strictly come dancing, giving a score and adding up the totals. You could add together two or three numbers. I wonder who the best dancers are?

How many different patterns can you find around your home? Have a look at curtains, quilt covers, cushions etc.

Have a good week and keep in touch using the email


Week beginning 1st June

Hello everyone,

Thank you for all the messages and lovely photographs you have sent to me. I have really enjoyed seeing what you have been doing and you have been SO busy!

Now the sun is shining I hope you are having some water fun in your paddling pools. Perhaps you have been for a picnic or made a den in your garden. 

We have been outside a lot this week at school. We have been looking at all the wonderful colours of nature, listened to the birds singing and felt the springy green grass under our feet.

Please keep in touch using our class email account

I would love to hear from you

Mrs Jones x



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