Dear Parents and Carers,

Here is a summary of the type of activities you could do with your children at home. The attached files also have some lovely activities which I'm sure your son/daughter will enjoy.

 Writing Activities

  • Use household objects and/or toys to build a story and then try to write it. The important part here is being able to tell the story and then retell it. Use the story sequence: who, what, where, when, why?
  • write a letter or email to a grandparent, friend, other relative

Number Activities

  • Use two large dinner plates to develop ideas about addition and subtraction. Put some items on each plate and add to find a total or take the smaller number away from a larger number to subtract (take away).
  • Can you share fruit, sweets, biscuits etc. How many each?
  • Play board games e.g. dominoes, snakes and ladders, card games, connect 4

Memory Games

  • Memory is an important tool in your child’s learning set of skills.
  • You could play :         
  •  Kim’s Game-place items on a tray. Look at it for 3 minutes, cover with a cloth. How many can they remember?
  • Cups – hide a small toys under a mug or cup. Show what is under each one. Can you find the dog? Etc.
  • Write some of your key words/tricky words on paper and hide around the house. Go on a word hunt, find and read.
  • Use your words to write a story.

On-line activities

  • We use numberblocks as a way into learning about numbers.
  • have provided free access to their website   username:march20     password:home  the children are familiar with the phase 2 and 3 games - dragon's den, buried treasure and picnic on pluto
  • Youtube:tricky word songs phase 2 and phase 3
  • Youtube:phase 3 sounds
  • Cbeebies have lovely programmes to watch and there is follow up material to add to discussion about what you have watched together.

You may also like to watch the Story of The Three Trees on Youtube, a lovely story exploring Easter themes.


Please take care of each other and stay safe.

with our best wishes

H Jones/Ms Milburn




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