Horse Chestnut Class - Reception

Dear Parents/Carers,

I hope you will find the information provided useful. I have tried to think of ways you can use what you  might have at home to encourage learning through play as well as trying the video lessons and website links.

Your home working situations will vary so please don't feel too overwhelmed by the challenge ahead or feel that another child in the class might be doing more or less than your child.

Try and keep learning fun. I use the terms 'now' and 'next' in class and it may be helpful to use this language to motivate your son/daughter. e.g. We will do some writing now and next you can have your snack. ( Snacks and cuddles are very important!)

I would also encourage some quiet time during the day, perhaps with a jigsaw, colouring or follow a story with CD.

Please use the class email to contact me and I will  reply as soon as I can.  I will also let you know how we can meet together via technology.

Happy Days!

Mrs Jones


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