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Dear Parents/ Carers and Children,

Welcome to the Year 6 home learning page. 

The attached files aim to give you a range of activities across the curriculum subjects which are engaging and enjoyable.  It is important to keep working in preparation for secondary school, remembering to ensure you focus on understanding what you’re learning whilst being creative and having fun with it.  

Although you will not be doing SATs, you do want to be ready for all the fun of year 7. Doing SATs style questions is still the best way to check what you know and what you need more practice on for Maths, Reading and SPAG.

Make sure you make some time every day to do something to improve your wellbeing. In uncertain and potentially stressful times, it is more important than ever to make an active effort to do this. Use the ‘5 ways to wellbeing’ to help you think of ideas of what to do. Below are just a few suggestions:


Talk to your family and friends – although you may not be able to visit them, you can still call / facetime / skype / message / email / write letters. Imagine how much it might cheer someone up to get an actual letter or a homemade card from you! It will also give you a boost knowing that you’ve brightened that person’s day.

Be Active

 Go for a run / walk – a quick jog around the park, a hike up a hill or anywhere you can safely access.  Do a yoga video or a ‘Just Dance’ clip on youtube. Get out your skipping rope and try for 100 skips without stopping. Have a kickabout in the garden – practise your ‘keepie-uppies’.

 Take Notice

 Find a quiet space, close your eyes and practise your square breathing / meditation. Lie down and listen to your favourite relaxing music.  Do some colouring in or just doodle. Spend some time playing with or looking after a pet.

Keep Learning

Work through the provided material on our website that your lovely teachers have prepared for you.  Read, read…READ!!! Make the most of this chance to enjoy some fantastic books.  Learn to play a musical instrument, or practise one you’ve already started. If you don’t have access to anything, then sing (there are loads of karaoke videos on youtube, or you could make up your own song).  Draw / paint something – either from real life or from a picture. Learn a skill; share with your family – What can you teach them? What can they teach you?


If you can, get involved in a local community group to help people in your area who might need a hand with deliveries / grocery shopping etc.  Think of something nice to say about someone and write it in a note to them. Share any great ideas for fun games and activities that you have discovered with your friends, family and wider community.

Please remember to email me if you need anything. Stay safe and happy.

With my best wishes

Mrs Stewart

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