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The last two weeks of home learning will focus on transition along with the usual maths and English work. We hope that the activities suggested give the children a chance to reflect on the happy times they've had in school since September as well as thinking about their new class. Our email addresses are still open so please get in touch if there is anything you need. You could send one of the completed transition activities to your child's new class teacher if you'd like. 

29.06.20 - This week's theme is Significant People. There are some ideas on the home learning page for people you may want to find out about but feel free to research anybody else who interests you. We would love to hear facts about the significant people you have chosen. Have a lovely week. We still check our emails daily so please do not hesitate to get in touch if there is anything you need. 

22.06.20 - This week's theme is Under the Sea. We hope you enjoy learning more about oceans, seas and the fascinating creatures that live there. We would love to hear about some of the activities you've been doing so please keep emailing us. *If you are having trouble viewing the live stream of the tropical reef from the home learning document, try this link instead *

15.06.20 Hello everyone! New Home Learning can be found in the files to download section below. We thought you would enjoy spending another week learning about rainforests - they are such interesting places! School is busier now but we would still love to hear all about your activities so please keep emailing.

Have fun!

05.06.20 New Home Learning has been added ready for Monday. Resources can now be found in the two new files to download below.  Previous activities have been removed—let us know if you would like us to send them to you. Please keep emailing us—we love to hear from you!

29/05/20 - New home learning has been added ready for 1st June. To make the Files to Download section easier for you to navigate, lots of the previous home learning activities have been removed. If you would like any of the previous home learning projects, let us know and we can email them to you. If there is anything else we can do for you then please let us know via our class email. We hope you had a lovely half term break.

22/05/20 - Half term has arrived! We hope you enjoy completing some of the activities on the Half Term Happiness document that has been emailed to you (especially the singing and dancing activities!). Our class emails will still be checked and replied to next week so if there is anything that you need, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Even if it's just to say hi! In the Files to Download section there is a mental health check in activity sheet that you may find useful and below is the link to a gorgeous story called While We Can't Hug. Have a restful half term break from home schooling.

Best wishes,

Miss Down and Mrs Bergh 

15/05/20 - Another week of home learning done! The week 7 home learning project has now been added to the Files to Download section. As always, please use the activities however works best for you and your routine at home. We hope there are enough activities for you to choose from or adapt but there is no expectation to get it all done by the end of the week. Thank you for your continued support! This will be the last home learning project of 'Summer Term 1' as week beginning 25th May 2020 is half term. :) 

14/05/20 - There is a new document in the Files to Download section called Fluent in Five. It is a maths activity that will give you 3 sums a day for children to have a go at. It is very similar to '4 a day' that the children have been doing in school since September and it is a great way to keep up with the basics. We will update this document weekly.

Alternatively, you may want to try Top Marks Daily 10 which is a fun way to improve mental arithmetic skills. 

08/05/20We hope you had a good week enjoying this fabulous weather! The week 6 learning project has now been added to the Files to Download section of this page. As before, please use these activity suggestions in whichever way works best for you at home—there is no pressure to complete them all.

Tuesday 12th May would have been Florence Nightingale’s 200th birthday—if you would like to learn about her life you could start by clicking on this link:            

01/05/20 - We hope you are all safe and well. The week 5 learning project has now been added to the Files to Download section of this page. We have also provided some activity suggestions for VE day on Friday! As before, please use these  documents in whichever way works best for you at home—please do not feel under any pressure to complete them all.  Your family’s well being is more important at the moment. Please keep sending us pictures of your children’s work or other activities—we love to see them! 

We hope that the children enjoyed listening to our messages—look out for more next week!

There is an OSS colouring page in the files section sent in by one of our lovely parents for children to colour if they'd like to.

29/4/20 - We've added a couple of comprehension exercises to the files to download section that link with this week's animal theme.

27/4/20 - Welcome to week 4 home learning! There is some Monday motivation in the files section from your teachers.

24/4/20 - New letters from Miss Down and Mrs Bergh in the files to download section.

20/4/20 - Welcome back Year 2! We hope you’ve enjoyed the gorgeous weather we’ve had over the Easter break. Week 3 and 4 learning projects have now been added to the Files to Download section of this page. Please use these documents however works best for you at home. We’ve tried to provide a range of activities that will hopefully interest the children but there is absolutely no expectation to complete a set amount of activities by the end of a week. We just want to give you some choice but you are more than welcome to adapt or change any of the ideas given. This is a new situation for us all so please let us know via our class emails if there is anything that you feel we could change or add that may be beneficial for you. If you’d like to send us anything that the children have been working on then we’d love to see it and we’ll send a reply. If you send a book review, Miss Down will try to add it to the school website to help other children choose books to read. 


Please check the attached files for a little note from us to you. Have a lovely Easter break. New work will be posted on the page after the holidays.


This You Tube video will show you how to play 4 fun maths games that could be used as part of your home learning. 


Welcome to the Year 2 Home Learning page.

Please continue to use your child’s yellow reading log to record any home reading. The Oxford Owl website has some free e-books that you can access by creating a username and password.

This website is also really good for finding suitable texts for Year 2 children.

Maths - - This website provides five great lessons (with fantastic supporting resources) focusing on fractions - an area of learning we are currently studying.

P.E - Kick start each morning off by taking part in 'The Body Coach - Joe Wicks' LIVE PE lessons at 9am-9.30am Monday to Friday on his YouTube channel

Our Christian value for this half term is Truthfulness. 


Please take care of each other and stay safe.

With best wishes,

Miss Down and Mrs Bergh 


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