Y5 DT Bread Making

Lesson: Design and technology

Class: Year Five - Maple Year: 2018 - 2019

Our budding bakers in Year turned their hand to baking bread last week. We used yeast (an important ingredient in making bread) and observed how it caused the bread dough to rise once it was added to our bread dough and was left to prove in the warmth of our classroom.  Once our dough had proved, and almost doubled in size, we began shaping it in to all sorts of creative shapes and adding our own choice of flavours.  The children then baked their bread at home and were amazed with how much more the yeast had caused the dough to grow in size. For many of us, the highlight was getting to sample our culinary delights!

We had all sorts of flavours, which were a particular hit, including: all kinds of seeds and spices, red pepper and cheese and sweet breads with a variety of chocolate in them! However, it turns out that adding the sweets, Nerds, to bread dough ends up being particularly tasty (according to Rosa!).

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